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Why can 100,000 stuffed animals enter the US market?

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Since the beginning of this year, Sino-US trade friction has been constant, but in August, a toy factory in Linxi Village, Xi'an Feng Town, Baoying County sent 50,000 “genius dog” stuffed dogs (stuffed dogs manufacturer) to the largest e-commerce platform in the US--Amazon, in September There will be 50,000 pet toys in succession. The toy factory is called Zhengcheng Toys, and the general manager is Yan Deming.
The United States imposes tariffs on Chinese exports to the United States. Toys and textiles bear the brunt, and why are toys going against the current? "In the export catalog, pet toys are pet supplies and are not classified as toys." De Mingming explained, "In many families in the United States, pets are family members and pet consumption is a basic requirement."
The ability to obtain this order goes back to a “top land” 18 years ago by Deming.
In 2000, the business of plush toy foundry was booming. Yan Deming resigned as the deputy director of a toy factory and started to play pet toys on his own. Since then, Zhengcheng Toys' products have been exported to Japan, South Korea, France, Italy, and other countries. When business is best, there are 1.5 million only sold to the Japanese market each year.
A trick cannot eat all over the sky. Seeing the prospect of pet toys, many plush toy manufacturers follow up, inevitably bring competitive pressure, but Zhengcheng toys are always in the market.
The answer lies in the product showroom of Zhengcheng Toys--black and white plush football, yellow-green hamburger... More than 3,000 samples are exquisitely designed and workmanship. If you don't touch it, it's hard to believe that it is made of plush.
The creative design of Zhengcheng Toys is not very good. It has been proofing the mascot of the cheerleading team of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, and also accepted the mascot of designing several urban games.
On August 22nd, the 22nd Asian Pet Show opened in Shanghai. This is the largest and most influential pet industry exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region. More than 100 toys are being presented at the show.
If we say that a choice 18 years ago, let Qi Deming find a market gap, continuous innovation design, and product iteration ability, let Zhengcheng toys always ride in the market ocean.
The success of Ju Deming and Zhengcheng Toys is a sample of Yangzhou stuffed animal entrepreneurs research market, market segmentation, and deep market.
Yangzhou stuffed animals can maintain certain advantages in the industry, mainly thanks to having an excellent entrepreneurial team. They are constantly looking for market gaps and expanding market space. The sharp hole and decisive action are admirable.
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There is an inexplicable sense of realism in dentures for

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Presumably, many netizens were scared by their parents when they were young: "If you eat more sugar, your teeth will rot." Although this is just a reminder to the children to eat fewer sweets, it is really troublesome if the teeth are broken thing. Recently, a dental hospital has installed dentures in the mouth of a plush toy manufacturer in order to appease the children who are treated. Seeing such a horrible doll, can the children really not cry a lot?
Teeth play a very important role for humans. We need teeth to help chew food every day, and white and neat teeth can add a lot to our overall image. However, once suffering from dental disease, it is not cured like a cold. Some netizens said that it is easy to leave a psychological shadow in the process of seeing a dentist. Recently, this dental hospital has certainly left a shadow on many children. Obviously, they are just ordinary plush toys, but they become eccentric after being fitted with dentures. In the dental hospital, you can take a normal toy and a child. What kind of teeth are there!
Let's take a look at the views of Chinese netizens. "I feel a little cute." "Give everyone to the hospital, let you think of the fear of being controlled by the dentist from time to time." "Baby: I want to cry a little." "At first I was a little shocked, and later I found it quite cute." "Figure 4 seems to have a voice: a little bitch, honest." "One second becomes a horror film." "Fortunately, I have grown up, not to be slaughtered by these terrible things." "I don't know if I thought it was sold." Toys delivered by toothpaste." "Child: Don't worry, I promise not to cry." "I can't help wondering if the frog had teeth." "A world dominated by teeth." "I didn't cry, I saw plush." The toy cried afterward." "I feel that the tooth is the most terrible existence in the body."
We provides different plush toys: holiday plush toys, vegetable plush toys(vegetable plush toys manufacturer)...And , you also can custom plush toys.
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Plush toy testing standard(1)

stuffed animals

1. Cut piece inspection:
1) The placement of the fabric to be cut must be placed on the cutting bed in a positive and negative manner, and the hair direction must be consistent;
2) The number of layers of the cut pile is not allowed to exceed 8 layers, and T/9>C cloth, nylon cloth, electronic velvet, pull cloth and other thin fabrics are not allowed to exceed 36 layers;
3) Check whether the piece is in line with the cutting plate and whether there is an error between the uppermost layer and the lowermost layer of the piece. When an error is found, the number of layers of the piece and the edge of the die should be checked;
4) The color of the piece is not allowed to have the color difference, it must be consistent with the signing, and there should be no color loss when performing friction and washing test;
5) There are white fabrics. When cutting the bed, be careful not to cut the white edge. Any white piece of the piece should be regarded as a non-conforming product.
2. Sewing inspection:
1) The opening of the sewn should be no less than 3/16", and the mouth of the small toy (stuffed bunny manufacturer) should be no less than 1/8";
2) When sewing, the two pieces of fabric must be aligned and the mouth should be even. It is not allowed to have different widths (especially the sewing of round and curved pieces and the seams of the face);
3) The stitch length of the sewn shall be not less than 9 stitches per inch;
4) There must be a return pin at the end of the sewing;
5) The car line for sewing must meet the requirements of tension and the color is correct;
6) In the sewing, the turner must use the clip to push the plush (plush toy manufacturer) inward while sewing, avoiding the formation of bald bands;
7) The sewing on the cloth label should first check whether the label used is correct. It is not allowed to enter the text and letter car on the cloth label. The cloth label cannot be wrinkled and the position cannot be reversed;
8) When sewing, the two hands, two feet, and two years of the toy must have the same hair direction and must be piled up (except in special cases);
9) The center line of the toy head must be aligned with the center line of the body, and the sewing thread at the joint of the toy body must be matched (except in special cases);
10) The phenomenon of missing needles and jumping needles on the sewing thread is not allowed;
11) Sewn semi-finished products should be placed in a fixed position to avoid loss and soiling;
12) All cutting tools should be kept safely and cleaned up and down;
13) Comply with other customer requirements and requirements.
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Plush toy testing standard(2)

stuffed animals

3. Manual quality inspection: (finish inspection is carried out according to manual quality standards)
Handicraft is the key process of toy production. It is the transitional stage of toys from semi-finished products to finished products. It determines the image and quality of toys. Quality inspection personnel at all levels must strictly inspect the following.
1) Eyes:
A. Check whether the eyes used are correct, whether the eye quality meets the standard, and any flaws in the eyes, blisters, defects, and scratches cannot be used;
B. Check whether the eye pads are matched, too big or too small to accept;
C. Understand the correct position of the eye in the toy. Any high or low eye or wrong eye distance is not acceptable;
D. Adjust the best strength of the eye-fixing machine when ordering the eye, and do not make the eye crack or loose;
E. Any eye must be able to withstand the tension of 21LBS.
2) Set the nose:
A. Check if the nose used is correct, whether the surface is damaged or not, and whether there is any deformation;
B. The position is placed correctly, the position is wrong or the distortion is not acceptable;
C. Adjust the best strength of the eye-fixing machine, and the surface of the nose should not be damaged or loosened due to improper force;
D. The pulling force should meet the requirements and must withstand the pulling force of 21LBS.
3) Hot melt:
The sharp part of the tip of the eye and the nose must be hot-melted, generally requiring hot melt from the tip to the end;
B, incomplete heat fusion or hot melt over the head (melting the gasket) is unacceptable;
C. Be careful not to burn other parts of the toy during the hot melt.
4) Filling cotton:
A. The overall requirement for filling cotton is that the image is full and the hand feels soft;
B. Filling the cotton must reach the required weight, insufficient filling or unacceptable parts are not acceptable;
C. Pay attention to the filling of the head as the focus, and the cotton filling of the mouth must be strong, full and prominent;
D. The cotton filling in the corners of the toy body cannot be missed;
E. Where the standing toy, the four-legged cotton should be firm and powerful, and there should be no feeling of soft collapse;
F. All the toys that stand up, the buttocks and the waist are filled with cotton as the focus, so be sure to sit still. If you are not stable, you should use the real cotton, otherwise, you will not accept it;
G. Filling the cotton can not deform the toy, especially the position of the hands and feet, the angle and direction of the head;
H. The size of the toy after filling with cotton must be the same as that of the signing, and it is not allowed to be smaller than the signing. This is the focus of checking the fullness;
I. All cotton-filled toys (Holiday plush toy manufacturer) must be checked and continually improved to strive for perfection. Any shortcomings that do not meet the signing are not acceptable;
J. If there is a phenomenon of explosion and yarn removal after being filled, it is a non-conforming product.
5) Slotted bristles:
A. All seams must be tight and flat. No holes or loose mouth are allowed. The inspection method can be inserted into the seam with a ballpoint pen. It can't be inserted, and there is no gap outside the mouth.
B. The stitch length at the time of seaming is not less than 10 stitches per inch;
C. The knotted knot at the time of the seam shall not be exposed to the outside;
D. It is not allowed to see cotton oozing out from the seam after the seam;
E. The bristles must be clean and thorough, and no bald bands are allowed, especially in the corners of the hands and feet;
F. Do not use too much force when brushing thin plush, so that the plush brush is broken;
G. When bristles, other objects (such as eyes and nose) cannot be damaged. The objects around the brush must be covered by a hand and then bristled.
6) Hanging line:
A. Determine the hanging method of the eyes, mouth, and head and the position of the hanging line according to the customer's regulations and the requirements for signing;
B. The hanging wire shall not deform the shape of the toy, especially the angle and direction of the head;
C, the hanging line of both eyes must be evenly applied, and the depth of the eyes may not be different due to uneven force, and the direction is different;
D. The threaded knot after hanging the wire shall not be exposed to the outside of the body;
E. After hanging the wire, cut off all the thread ends of the toy;
F. The “Triangle Suspension Method” currently widely used;
G. Carrying the needle according to other requirements of the customer;
H. The expression and shape of the toy after hanging the needle should basically be consistent with the signing. It is found that there are deficiencies that should be seriously improved until it is completely the same as the signing.
7) Accessories:
A. According to the requirements of the customer and the shape of the contract, various accessories are ordered, and it is not acceptable to find that it is inconsistent with the signing;
B, all kinds of hand-made accessories, including bow ties, ribbons, buttons, flowers, etc. must be fixed on the line, not loose;
C. All accessories must withstand the tension of 4LBS. The quality inspector must always check whether the tension of the toy accessories is satisfactory.
8) Playing cards:
A. Check whether the tag is correct and whether the various tags required for the goods are complete;
B. Check the number of the computer card, the price card and the price for errors;
C. Understand the correct card number, the position of the gun and the order of the tag;
D. All the glue needles for guns, the head and tail of the glue needle must be exposed outside the toy body, and should not remain in the body;
E. Toys with display boxes and color boxes must understand the correct placement method of the toys and the position of the plastic needles into the guns.
9) Hair dryer:
The duty of the hair dryer is to blow off the fluff and plush of the toy. Hair blowing work requires clean, comprehensive and thorough, especially the easy-to-stick haircloth, electronic velvet material and the ear and face of the toy.
10) Probe machine:
A. Before using the probe machine, it is necessary to test the functional range of the metal object with normal;
B. When using the probe machine, all parts of the toy must be rolled back and forth on the probe machine. If the probe machine makes a sound and lights up red, the toy must be taken off immediately, the cotton is taken out, and the probe machine is separately passed until it is found. Metal object
C. Toys that have passed the probe and toys that have not passed must be clearly marked and marked;
D. Every time you use the probe machine, you must carefully fill in the “Probe Machine Usage Record Form”.
11) Supplement:
All manual personnel must keep their hands clean and do not stick oil and oil on the toys, especially white plush(China stuffed animal manufacturers). It is unacceptable that the toy is dirty.
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Plush toy testing standard(3)

stuffed animals

4. Packaging inspection:
A. Check if the outer box is correct, if there is any wrong printing, and if there is any wrong outer box. Whether the outer box printing is satisfactory, oily or fuzzy is unacceptable;
B. Check if the toy tag is safe and correct.
C. Check whether the toy tag is played correctly or not and whether there is an error in the position;
D. It is found that any serious or minor defects of the boxed toys must be picked out, and no defective products are to be guaranteed;
E. Understand the customer's packaging requirements and the correct packaging method, check for errors;
F. Plastic tape for packaging must be printed with a warning slogan. All tape bottoms must be punched;
G. Understand whether the customer has required to place a text sheet such as a manual or a warning in the box;
H. Check whether the toys in the box are placed correctly, too much extrusion and space is not acceptable;
I. The number of toys in the box must be the same as the number of the outer box markings.
J. Check whether there are any packaging tools such as scissors in the box, then seal the tape and seal the carton;
K. When sealing, the non-transparent adhesive tape cannot cover the box text;
L. Fill in the correct box number, the total number must match the number of orders.
5. Boxing test:
Since the toy has to be transported and beaten in the box for a long time, in order to understand the bearing capacity of the toy (Fruit plush toys manufacturers) and the condition after the fall, a box-throwing test must be carried out, especially a toy outer box such as porcelain or color box.
6. Security check:
1) In view of the strict requirements on the safety of toys in Europe and the United States and other shelves, and the current claims of foreign consumers for domestic plush toy manufacturers due to safety issues frequently occur. The safety of toys must be highly valued by the people involved.
The manual needle must be placed on the fixed soft bag, cannot be directly inserted in the toy, so that the person leaves the needle to pull out;
B. The broken needle must find another needle, and then report the two pillows to the supervisor of the workshop team in exchange for a new needle. The toy that cannot find the broken needle must be searched by the probe;
C. Only one working needle can be sent for each hand. All steel tools should be placed in a uniform manner and should not be placed at will;
D. Correctly use the steel brush with the bristles. After the bristles are finished, touch the bristles by hand.
2) Accessories on the toy body, including eyes, nose, buttons, ribbons, bow ties, etc., may be torn down by the child and dangerous. Therefore, all accessories must be tightly fixed and meet the tensile requirements.
Yes, the nose must withstand the tension of 21LBS;
B, ribbons, flowers, buttons must bear the tension of 4LBS;
C. The post quality inspector must constantly test the tension of the above accessories. If problems occur, solve them with the engineer and the workshop.
3) All tapes for packaging toys must be printed with a warning and punched at the bottom to prevent the child from getting dangerous on the head.
4) All filaments and meshes must have warnings and age signs.
5) All fabrics and accessories of toys should not have toxic chemicals in order to avoid danger to children's tongues;
6) There must be no metal objects such as scissors and drill bits left in the package.

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