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Plush toy testing standard(1)

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1. Cut piece inspection:
1) The placement of the fabric to be cut must be placed on the cutting bed in a positive and negative manner, and the hair direction must be consistent;
2) The number of layers of the cut pile is not allowed to exceed 8 layers, and T/9>C cloth, nylon cloth, electronic velvet, pull cloth and other thin fabrics are not allowed to exceed 36 layers;
3) Check whether the piece is in line with the cutting plate and whether there is an error between the uppermost layer and the lowermost layer of the piece. When an error is found, the number of layers of the piece and the edge of the die should be checked;
4) The color of the piece is not allowed to have the color difference, it must be consistent with the signing, and there should be no color loss when performing friction and washing test;
5) There are white fabrics. When cutting the bed, be careful not to cut the white edge. Any white piece of the piece should be regarded as a non-conforming product.
2. Sewing inspection:
1) The opening of the sewn should be no less than 3/16", and the mouth of the small toy (stuffed bunny manufacturer) should be no less than 1/8";
2) When sewing, the two pieces of fabric must be aligned and the mouth should be even. It is not allowed to have different widths (especially the sewing of round and curved pieces and the seams of the face);
3) The stitch length of the sewn shall be not less than 9 stitches per inch;
4) There must be a return pin at the end of the sewing;
5) The car line for sewing must meet the requirements of tension and the color is correct;
6) In the sewing, the turner must use the clip to push the plush (plush toy manufacturer) inward while sewing, avoiding the formation of bald bands;
7) The sewing on the cloth label should first check whether the label used is correct. It is not allowed to enter the text and letter car on the cloth label. The cloth label cannot be wrinkled and the position cannot be reversed;
8) When sewing, the two hands, two feet, and two years of the toy must have the same hair direction and must be piled up (except in special cases);
9) The center line of the toy head must be aligned with the center line of the body, and the sewing thread at the joint of the toy body must be matched (except in special cases);
10) The phenomenon of missing needles and jumping needles on the sewing thread is not allowed;
11) Sewn semi-finished products should be placed in a fixed position to avoid loss and soiling;
12) All cutting tools should be kept safely and cleaned up and down;
13) Comply with other customer requirements and requirements.
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