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Plush toy testing standard(3)

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4. Packaging inspection:
A. Check if the outer box is correct, if there is any wrong printing, and if there is any wrong outer box. Whether the outer box printing is satisfactory, oily or fuzzy is unacceptable;
B. Check if the toy tag is safe and correct.
C. Check whether the toy tag is played correctly or not and whether there is an error in the position;
D. It is found that any serious or minor defects of the boxed toys must be picked out, and no defective products are to be guaranteed;
E. Understand the customer's packaging requirements and the correct packaging method, check for errors;
F. Plastic tape for packaging must be printed with a warning slogan. All tape bottoms must be punched;
G. Understand whether the customer has required to place a text sheet such as a manual or a warning in the box;
H. Check whether the toys in the box are placed correctly, too much extrusion and space is not acceptable;
I. The number of toys in the box must be the same as the number of the outer box markings.
J. Check whether there are any packaging tools such as scissors in the box, then seal the tape and seal the carton;
K. When sealing, the non-transparent adhesive tape cannot cover the box text;
L. Fill in the correct box number, the total number must match the number of orders.
5. Boxing test:
Since the toy has to be transported and beaten in the box for a long time, in order to understand the bearing capacity of the toy (Fruit plush toys manufacturers) and the condition after the fall, a box-throwing test must be carried out, especially a toy outer box such as porcelain or color box.
6. Security check:
1) In view of the strict requirements on the safety of toys in Europe and the United States and other shelves, and the current claims of foreign consumers for domestic plush toy manufacturers due to safety issues frequently occur. The safety of toys must be highly valued by the people involved.
The manual needle must be placed on the fixed soft bag, cannot be directly inserted in the toy, so that the person leaves the needle to pull out;
B. The broken needle must find another needle, and then report the two pillows to the supervisor of the workshop team in exchange for a new needle. The toy that cannot find the broken needle must be searched by the probe;
C. Only one working needle can be sent for each hand. All steel tools should be placed in a uniform manner and should not be placed at will;
D. Correctly use the steel brush with the bristles. After the bristles are finished, touch the bristles by hand.
2) Accessories on the toy body, including eyes, nose, buttons, ribbons, bow ties, etc., may be torn down by the child and dangerous. Therefore, all accessories must be tightly fixed and meet the tensile requirements.
Yes, the nose must withstand the tension of 21LBS;
B, ribbons, flowers, buttons must bear the tension of 4LBS;
C. The post quality inspector must constantly test the tension of the above accessories. If problems occur, solve them with the engineer and the workshop.
3) All tapes for packaging toys must be printed with a warning and punched at the bottom to prevent the child from getting dangerous on the head.
4) All filaments and meshes must have warnings and age signs.
5) All fabrics and accessories of toys should not have toxic chemicals in order to avoid danger to children's tongues;
6) There must be no metal objects such as scissors and drill bits left in the package.

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